All the production of

It is ethically made in Italy

From the smallest of processes to the largest,
We are a guarantee of ethics and respect for workers

Our mission

To offer our customers garments that are able to enhance rather than hide

Our vision

Welcome the collaboration of the supply chain italiana,
known all over the world
for the creation of high quality luxury garments

Our goal

Guarantee an ethical production with the use of only natural fabrics of unique quality and design

Who made my clothes?

Pixel 2

Design comes to life


Francesca and her pen draw

Pixel 2

Model and fabric is chosen


Rita, Manuela & the girls make the model of the garment

Pixel 2

The model is tested

Modena & Cremona

Brunella & Mia control the garments

Pixel 2

The design is printed

Milan, Udine & Como

Cristian, Matteo, Andrea & Paolo deal with the printing of fabrics

Pixel 2

The garments are cut and sewn


Enrico, Alexia, Elena, Sofia
and their teams take care of cutting and sewing the garments

Pixel 2

Time for ironing and packing


Stefania, Alessandro & Mira take care of ironing and labeling them

Pixel 2

The garments go into stock


Giovanni, Mike & Michael receive the garments and put them in the warehouse,
they are ready for shipment

Pixel 2

Time to let you discover them

Parma, Milan

Francesca & Serena take care of photography for the website & social networks