Netflix's Summertime

Our garments have been chosen for Summertime's second season and third, due out in 2022

It is one of the most successful TV series made in Italy for Netflix
Thanks girls!

Clara Woods

"Clara shares her inner world by painting and uses her art to say that life can be rich and wonderful because no one is different"

Here she is with our dress

If you want to know more about Clara, don't miss the video interview with Montemagno

Horror Maniacs

A success on Facebook with more than half a million followers!

From comics to books, naturally passing through unforgettable cult movies, the irony of memes and posts tears a smile every day

Sofia is the administrator of the page to which our compliments and thanks go!

Here she is with Horror Movies

The poisoned apple

If, like us, you are a lover of true crime Youtube channels, you will certainly know The Poisoned Apple,
a success with more than 40.000 subscribers

Fio tells stories of crimes with very interesting insights!

Here she is in the special Halloween 2021 video with our Horror Movies

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