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Terms and conditions of rocknrollemporium.com

And subdomains:

  • en.rocknrollemporium.com (English language)
  • fr.rocknrollemporium.com (French language)
  • es.rocknrollemporium.com (Spanish language)

White Rabbit srls with registered office in Parma, via brescia 10 43122 VAT number 02857090340 (hereinafter, "Owner") is the owner of the website rocknrollemporium.com and its subdomains en.rocknrollemporium.com, fr.rocknrollemporium.com, eg rocknrollemporium.com (hereinafter, the "Site")

Owner contact email: info@rocknrollemporium.cm

These terms govern

  • The use of the site
  • Any other agreement or legal relationship with the Owner


Account registration is not required to use the site or place orders.

To use the service, the user can also voluntarily and optionally open an account indicating all the data and information useful for the delivery of his orders.

It is the responsibility of the users to keep their access credentials securely and to preserve their confidentiality, to choose a password that corresponds to the highest level of security available.

The user is free to close his account and cease using the service at any time by writing to the Owner via e-mail at info@rocknrollemporium.com

Account Suspension

The Owner reserves the right to suspend or cancel a user's account at any time and at its discretion and without notice, if it deems it inappropriate.

Suspension or cancellation of your account does not give you any right to compensation, reimbursement or indemnity

Ban User

In order to protect its own interest and that of other Users, iThe Owner reserves the right to deny the possibility for a User to place orders or to cancel any orders placed, with a refund of any sum paid, at his discretion and without having to provide information.

Content on this site

Unless otherwise specified or clearly recognizable, all content on this site is owned or provided by the Owner or its licensors.

Rights on the contents of the site

The owner expressly holds and reserves all intellectual property rights on the aforementioned contents.

Users are not authorized to use the contents in any way without an implicit approval by the Owner.

Terms and conditions of sale

The products offered on this site are subject to a fee.

The price and conditions applicable to the sale are described below in the respective sections.

Product description:

Prices, description and availability of products are specified in the respective sections of this application and are subject to change without notice.

Although the products are presented with the utmost accuracy technically possible, the photographic representation on this site (including colors and shades) is intended as a mere reference by virtue of possible particular environmental or lighting conditions or by virtue of the particular response of the screen. user to certain colors.

Purchase procedure

Each phase, from the choice of the product to the forwarding of the order, is part of the purchase procedure which includes:

  • Users choose the product they want and check its availability
  • After checking the information visible in the purchase choice, users can place the order by forwarding it.

The User acknowledges that there may be the remote possibility that a purchased item is not actually available due to technical problems, unforeseen events, damage that the Owner was unable to monitor or predict. In this case, the Owner will propose a replacement item or refund the missing item following the preferences expressed by the user.

Sending the order

Once the order has been forwarded, Users will be sent a confirmation of receipt of the order and a subsequent confirmation of shipment.

All notifications relating to the notifications described above will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the user.

The Owner is not responsible for any communications that may enter the User's spam box.


During the purchase process and before placing the order, Users are duly informed of all fees, taxes and costs (including any shipping costs) that will be charged to them.

Methods of Payment

All payments are managed independently by third party services.

Therefore this Site does not collect payment data - such as credit card numbers - but receives a notification once the payment is successful.

Payment in installments is offered by Klarna, visit the Klarna Faqs at the bottom of the site to find out more.

The holder is not responsible if one of the available means fails or is rejected by the payment service provider


Deliveries are made to the address indicated by the user and in the manner indicated in the order summary.

At the time of delivery, Users must check the contents of the package and promptly report any anomalies to the contact details provided in this document.

Delivery failure

The Owner is not responsible in any way for any delivery errors deriving from inaccuracies or omissions committed by the user in completing the purchase order, nor for any damage or delays occurring after delivery to the courier if the latter has been instructed by the 'User.

In the event that the order is deposited in storage by the courier in case of absence of the user after the second delivery attempt (Italy) and first attempt (rest of the world) and reaches the maximum days allowed by the courier without being collected, the order will be automatically returned to the Owner at the Owner's expense. The User remains the owner of the goods and will bear a new shipping cost for a new shipment.

Right of withdrawal

The user has the right to withdraw within 14 days for any reason and without justification.

Returns and exchanges within 30 days

The user also has the option of returning or exchanging an item within 30 days of receiving the order according to the "Returns and Exchanges" policy at the bottom of the site.

Terms changes

The owner reserves the right to change the terms at any time.

In this case, the owner will give appropriate notice of the changes made by the users.

Last modified: January 6, 2022